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What can we do?

Institutional Frameworks

What are some examples of projects / activities that can be undertaken at all scales that would contribute to the achievement of the targets identified?
  • Leadership training for office bearers and community members
  • Governance training for office bearers in community organisations
  • Effective communication training
  • Membership maintenance / growth
  • Funding application writing
  • Community engagement training
  • Ongoing education of NRM practitioners
  • Public education on the value of volunteering
  • Public recognition and profiling of active volunteers.
  • Regional Forums to encourage information exchange of NRM information
  • Collaborative Communication Strategy for whole of NRM in region
  • Vegetation management plans / biosecurity plans / pest management plans – structure regional forums to drive delivery.
  • Champions and NRM professionals to deliver key messages
  • Six monthly meeting with local members on regional NRM activities.
  • Project to utilise university students for NRM research and activities
  • Performance committee with members from across the community to define and measure progress, determine effectiveness and inform adaptive management.


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