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Related plans


  • Water Resource Management Plans/Resource Operation Plans under the Water Act 2000 (QDNRM) (currently under review) and Water Act 2007 (ComLaw)
  • Local government pest management plans (SDRC 2010b; WDRC 2010; BSC 2013; GRC 2013; MRC 2013)
  • Land and Water Management Plans (these are property level rather than regional plans)
  • Vegetation Management Act 1999 (QDNR) and Vegetation Management and Other Legislation Amendment (VMOLA) Bill 2009 (QDERM).
  • Local Government Planning Schemes under the Integrated Planning Act 1997 (QDSDIP)
  • Species recovery plans, and protected area or world heritage management plans under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (ComLaw) and the Nature Conservation Act 1992 (QNPRSR 2014)
  • Management plans under the Fisheries Act 1994 (QDAFF)
  • Protection of sites of cultural significance under the Cultural Heritage Act 2003 (QDATSIMA)



  • Southern Downs Regional Council Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan for Council Operations (SDRC 2010a)
  • National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development (COAG 1992)
  • Brigalow Belt (South) Fire Management Guidelines (Catchment Solutions, 2014)
  • Land clearing and vertebrate species richness in multi-use areas: the Brigalow Belt bioregion – study underway at time of writing by Dr Rocio Ponce-Reyes, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, CSIRO,QLD (not referenced)
  • The Queensland Plan (http://queenslandplan.qld.gov.au/)
  • Catchment Management Plans
  • Soil Conservation Project Area Plans
  • Regional water quality management strategies, e.g. Condamine-Balonne Water Committee (CBWC) (CBWC 2002); Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) (QDNR 2001)
  • Regional Nature Conservation Plans/ Species Recovery Plans
  • Regional Landscape Strategies
  • Irrigation Area Management Plans
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans (QDATSIMA 2003)
  • Integrated Regional Transport Plans (may have some economic and social components of relevance to NRM issues)
  • Murray-Darling Basin Authority plans (MDBA 2009a, 2012a)
  • National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development (COAG 1992)
  • Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Plan (QMDC 2004, 2011)


Other key agreements

  • National Waste Policy (SCEW 2010b, 2010a)
  • National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality Bilateral
  • Integrated Catchment Management in the Murray-Darling Basin (MDBC 2010)
  • Murray-Darling Basin Salinity Management Strategy (MDBA 2009b)
  • National Weeds Strategy (NRMMC and AWC 2007)
  • National Feral Animal Plan (Vertebrate Pests Committee 2007)
  • RAMSAR Wetlands Convention (COP and DOE 1971)
  • National Biodiversity and Climate Change Action Plan 2004-2007 (DEH 2004)
  • Australian and New Zealand Environment Committee Water Quality Guidelines and Standards (ANZECC 2000a, 2000b)
  • National Water Quality Management Strategy (SEWPaC 1994)


Other influences

A number of factors affect how the NRM Plan can be developed and implemented. The border separating Queensland and New South Wales is arbitrary for NRM issues in terms of technical effects, however, there are many institutional differences. To better manage the natural resources in the NRM Plan area, planning and management decisions need to be made from a whole-of-catchment perspective.

Negotiations and cross-border projects take place in the Border Rivers Catchment to bring about more effective cross-border management.

Other factors that will influence the continuing development and implementation of this Plan include: natural disaster (flood, drought, fire, cyclones etc.), changing industrial base, urban and peri-urban expansion, regional infrastructure development and maintenance – rail lines, road corridors, increased maintenance costs, social issues, economic conditions and regional planning priorities.


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