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Weeds & Pest Animals

Weeds and pest animals are recognised key threats to the assets of the Plan region and as such are often prioritised by a range of land managers and industries in their natural resource management planning and expenditure. Weed and pest animal management is particularly relevant, because it is often the natural resource management issue that will encourage collaboration, discussion, joint planning and resourcing across different levels of government, industries and individual land managers.


In particular, pest animals are visible and their impacts are tangible. They are often highly mobile and have no regard for property, council, catchment and regional boundaries. A weed or pest animal problem is often the catalyst for changed practice and cooperative action and can provide an avenue for stakeholders to observe and value their assets and consider long-term planning for better natural resource management outcomes. In the context of this document, weeds and pest animals are considered a threat to the multitude of natural, economic and social assets that we value. In this section, the team that has worked on the update of the Regional NRM Plan has identified the key weed and pest animal threats to the region, their condition and trend, the existing investment in their management and the gaps and the risks that may affect their ongoing management.


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