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Climate Change

Water and Wetlands

What effect will climate change have on the function of water systems?


Water and wetland climate change impact risk matrix

The potential effect of climate change on water systems has been summarised in the following table. Conclusions drawn in this table are based on research reporting, Healthy Water Management Plan and community opinion of known factors that influence water system management decision making. The tabled risk matrix below describes the impacts of the main climate change variables on elements of the Plan area (Brundell et al. 2011).


Climate Change Impact Risk Matrix

The process of developing the impact risk matrix is a structured way of identifying impacts, risks and opportunities associated with climate change. This matrix describes the impacts of climate change variables on elements of region’s assets. The colour coding shows either the negative (brown) or positive (blue) impacts, as determined by the panel of regional technical experts. Darker degrees of the brown and blue identify impact risk of greater magnitude that have been assessed by considering the likelihood and consequence of these impacts occurring.


Water and wetlands climate change impact risk matrix

Water climate risk matrix 1

Water and Wetlands Climate Change Vulnerability Matrix

The Vulnerability Matrix identifies adaptation responses to the risks of climate change and determines the level of vulnerability. Vulnerability is influenced by both impact risk and adaptive capacity. The matrix describes the way in which the Plan area could respond to the risks identified in the Impact Risk Matrix. (Brundell et al. 2011)


Water and wetlands climate change vulnerability matrix

Water climate vulnerability matrix

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