Our Future Plan

Water and Wetlands

Other risks to water and wetlands

The Draft Environmental Values and Community Consultation Report summarised issues under the headings of Biophysical and Community Capacity.

“Biophysical issues to include:

  • for surface water:
    • fragmentation of habitat – loss of connectivity,
    • riparian habitat removal,
    • in stream habitat degradation,
    • salinity, pesticides, sediments, nutrients, Coal and CSG pollutants,
    • aquatic weeds and pest animals, and,
    •  terrestrial weeds and pest animals,
  •  for ground water:
    • CSG pollutants,
    • Unknown impacts from underground coal gasification processes,
    • structural change to the aquifer [with respect to CSG bores and processes],
    • pesticides, nutrients and salinity.
  • community capacity…
    • integrated monitoring, data management and access,
    • information exchange including:
      • condition and trend of water resources,
      • recommended best practice with environmental and production implications, and,
      • information and support for changing practices where there are joint social, economic and environmental benefits, and,
    • Involvement of Aboriginal people in planning and management accommodating previous points plus the documenting and consideration of Aboriginal cultural and spiritual concerns.” (QMDC 2012, , 2012)

These issues, or risks, were reviewed by the expert panel for Land and Water with consideration of Water and Wetlands. From the panel workshop, risks were grouped under activity clusters as per the following table. 

Water and wetlands risks

Water and Wetlands Risks

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