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Management Approach and Actions

Water and Wetlands

Key issues and goals as we work together, to manage risk, maintain or improve water and wetlands.

The management approach should aspire to the objectives outlined previously with regard to asset values. For example:

  • the integrity and function of the Plan area water assets and connected systems are maintained and improved,
  • water assets and values are protected from threatening processes and impacts,
  • water assets are managed for optimal production, ecological and cultural use while maintaining system values,
  • minimise impacts of infrastructure to water asset integrity and function, and
  • enhanced community capacity and involvement in the management of water assets and associated threats.

The Land and Water technical panel considered that this approach should both promote and adopt a continuous improvement approach. For example, the management approach should encourage and support stakeholders and associated industry groups in efforts to adopt and promote practices and management in a continuous improvement framework, and, the management approach itself should be developed and implemented with a continuous improvement approach. This requires that the following table of issues, changes and actions should not be considered or implemented in isolation from the assessment and monitoring tools in the subsequent section.


Key issues and actions to improve water and wetlands

Management approach water1Management approach water 2

In addition to these items, please also refer to the Aboriginal and Traditional Owners’ Interests and Cultural Assets section, for details about the strategies and desired outcomes within the QMDC Regional Caring for Country Plan, of relevance to Water & Wetlands.


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