Our Future Plan


Vegetation and Biodiversity

What would we (the community) like vegetation and biodiversity to look like in 20 years?

These objectives have been drafted by a panel of regional experts and these will be further informed by the addition of information from the Central Slopes Cluster Stream 2, specifically sub-project one (assessing the land use management impacts on carbon and associated benefits) and sub-project four (understanding the impacts of climate change on the riparian, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems of the Central Slopes) (National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy Program, 2014).

  • Minimise negative impacts associated with carbon sequestration.
  • Negative biodiversity trends reversed in region and no loss of identified biodiversity.
  • Increased community focus on the importance of biodiversity through better information to land managers resulting in greater functional remnant cover and connectivity between vegetative patches and diverse refugia.
  • Increase in land managers actively protecting and increasing habitat structure diversity.
  • Significant refugia identified and protected on private and public lands.
  • Healthy corridors linking East and West.
  • An increase in the number of land managers including grazing that provide ecosystem services.


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