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What can we do?

Land and Soils

 What can we do?
  • Consider the role of legumes in pasture production systems
  • Determine baseline nutrient status of representative geomorphic landscapes
  • Review soil conservation specifications accounting for projected climate change risk factors
  • Study the factors limiting the wider application of risk management tools in property management decision making
  • Socio–economic assessment of the pastoral industries in the region
  • Explore factors affecting profitability in pastoral areas
  • Implement soil health sampling projects at all levels on geomorphic landscapes
  • Manage ground water salinity in high risk areas
  • Conduct long term impact studies into increasing drought conditions on pastoral systems
  • Investigate the role of Mulga as a fodder crop in the region
  • Conduct land audits and risk assessments
  • Implement an Environmental Management system at a local level.



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