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Land & Soils

Why are land and soils important to us?

This asset includes land forms, soils, resources (oil, gas, mineral) and the atmosphere – all of which are intrinsically linked. The NRM Plan aims to strengthen necessary inter-relationships by developing strategies that inform land use selection and land management practice.

The desired goal is a functional landscape that sustains long-term managed growth. Functional landscapes build adaptive capacity through the ability to:

  • mitigate the risks of production systems on the ecological base of the region,
  • mitigate the effects of man- made infrastructure on the ecological base of the region,
  • build the capacity of local communities to ‘work through’ the science and subsequently the management of the risks.

The planning unit that has been adopted for the Plan are referred to as geomorphic landscapes. Geomorphic landscapes describe landscapes in terms of dominant soils, dominant vegetation, native grasses, conservation and biodiversity issues, geology, soil properties and constraints, management considerations, priority and threatening weeds and feral animals. Planning using these units allow for integration of landscape attributes to occur. The distribution of these units is presented in the Geomorphic Landscapes map below.


Geomorphic landscapes map

If you would like to view an interactive version of this map, QMDC has an app for that! You can view via ArcGIS by clicking here. This interactive version allows you to zoom into your local area and personalise the view by landscape type.

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