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Energy and Resources

Energy and Resources

Communities in the Plan area depend on a reliable supply of electricity, gas and transport fuels for its economic viability and social prosperity. A current heavy reliance on fossil fuels comes at an environmental cost from the release of greenhouse gas emissions and need for resource extraction and supply activities.


While electricity supply is highly valued; where it is sourced from, how it is provided, and the financial and environmental costs are growing concerns for this community. There are individual efforts by residents, farming and commercial businesses, energy companies and industries to improve energy efficiencies and seek alternative energy supplies. A coordinated effort and government and industry support is needed to create opportunities to develop genuine investments in long term energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.


The scope of this asset relates to community aspirations for the production, supply and consumption of energy. It includes the associated infrastructure, transport industry and end users. There are assumptions that improvements in energy efficiency and reducing fossil fuel consumption lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This section does not currently address other sources of greenhouse gas emissions or climate change mitigation.

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