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Our Assets and goals

The priority asset theme areas off the Plan are:

Each of these asset themes has been explored in detail as part of the Plan review. This is by no means an exhaustive literature review of the region’s NRM assets and is merely contained in the Plan to provide background to the end targets. An extensive library of information and reporting on the region’s NRM assets is available at the QMDC library in Toowoomba, or on QMDC’s website at http://www.qmdc.org.au. In addition a detailed EndNote database containing terrestrial and aquatic ecological research undertaken for the region is available at http://www.terranova.org.au/repository/central-slopes-nrm-collection.

For simplicity, each theme area has been examined in relative isolation from the others. While targets and actions have been developed for each of the asset themes, readers and users of the Plan should be mindful that sustainability is only achieved by considering every theme area collectively as part of the land management decision making process.


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