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What would we (the community) like to see waste management look like in 20 years?

In Queensland, and indeed the Plan area, the collection, handling and ultimate disposal of waste streams is the responsibility of Local Government bodies however is guided by State Legislation, and therefore has seen a number of changes in recent times due to alterations in policy.  State policy is currently guided by the Queensland Waste Avoidance and Resource Productivity Strategy 2014-2024.


Waste continues to have an ever increasing impact upon Natural Resource Management in the region, as documented by the South West Region Roadside Litter Project (EHP 2015) QMDC has undertaken a number of key initiatives to help address the issue.

  1. Becoming a signatory to the National Packaging Covenant, and as part of this, giving an undertaking to take on the role of ambassador for the program and its ultimate goals of waste reduction.
  2. The initiation of a taskforce to examine and collectively address waste across the catchments. This Regional Waste Group, is comprised of representatives from the six regional councils of:
  • Toowoomba Regional Council
  • Western Downs Regional Council
  • Maranoa Regional Council
  • Balonne Shire Council
  • Goondiwindi Regional Council
  • Southern Downs Regional Council.


The initial objectives of this group at its establishment were to:

  • Design and implement a collaborative approach to best practice waste management and minimisation
  • Consult and co-ordinate the development of regional contracts for the recovery of recyclables
  • To optimise regional transport options and achieve the critical mass necessary to make recycling a viable proposition for the region
  • To design and develop a sound regional data and information collection system that will be used to measure future outcomes


This group is in the process of establishing its own terms of references, goals and targets.  It is envisaged that these documents will shape the waste focussed targets and goals of the NRM Plan in times to come and will be integrated into planning documents when they are released.


Waste objectives for the future

Waste objectives for the future

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