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The targets and actions in this document are draft and subject to negotiation between stakeholders.

The geographic area of the NRM Plan (the Plan) is the Border Rivers and Maranoa-Balonne.

This document does not represent government policy but the priorities of the community.

At the time of publishing, all information presented in the NRM Plan is up to date and based upon the best available science and current legislation. It is acknowledged that this information is subject to changes in legislation. Future iterations of the NRM Plan will embrace such legislative changes.

The information contained in this report is given in good faith and has been derived from sources believed to be reliable and accurate. The author accepts no legal liability for the accuracy of data or mapping provided as part of this report for any associated loss in productivity, land value or such like through third party use of this data. The author accepts no legal liability for failure to obtain any necessary government or other agency permits or approvals with respect to management of said land. The author does not provide advice of an investment or commercial valuation nature. The author does not accept any liability for investment decisions made on the basis of information provided in this report.

This update of the Regional Natural Resource Management Plan is funded by the Australian Government through Stream One of the Regional Natural Resource Management Planning for Climate Change Fund.

 Queensland Murray-Darling Committee Inc.
Cnr Campbell and Bellevue Streets
PO Box 6243
Toowoomba QLD 4350
Ph: (07) 4637 6000
Fax: (07) 4632 8062
Email: info@qmdc.org.au

Cite as

Print: QMDC Inc 2015. Regional Natural Resource Management Plan Border Rivers & Maranoa-Balonne. Queensland Murray-Darling Committee Inc, Queensland.

Online: QMDC Inc 2015,  Regional Natural Resource Management Plan Border Rivers & Maranoa-Balonne,   http://ourfutureplan.org


This community plan, collated by the Queensland Murray-Darling Committee, would not have been possible without the dedicated people whose commitment to sustaining the region’s natural resources while maintaining vibrant communities is a value that underpins this plan.

This Regional NRM Plan (the Plan) is the community’s vision for the region and is not to be mistaken for an operational plan. A variety of organisations and people will, however, no doubt use this plan to operationalise improvements about which they are passionate. As this a living plan, users can keep up to date with changes and developments at www.ourfutureplan.org.au and www.qmdc.org.au.

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