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Message from the Chair

The development of the revised Regional NRM Plan for the Border Rivers and Maranoa-Balonne has been greatly anticipated by the Queensland Murray-Darling Committee and we have much pleasure in releasing it on behalf of our community.

We respectfully acknowledge the Aboriginal and Traditional Owners across the catchments and the special relationship that they have with this region that we all value so highly. Their connection with Country and subsequent desire to protect and nurture its natural resource base is a unique relationship that should be aspired to by all community sectors. We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the QMDC Regional Aboriginal Advisory Group in the development of this plan.

In many ways, QMDC views itself as the custodian of this Plan – the biographers of a story and vision that belongs not the Committee who have facilitated its development, but to the community that it represents; the same community that developed its content. From an organisational perspective, however, the revision of this plan has provided an opportunity to reflect upon our achievements in the years since the first Plan’s inception, but also identify how dramatically the natural, social and economic environments in which we are delivering our services have altered during the past decade.

In particular, as our catchments have battled a series of natural disasters during the past 10 years, the impact of increasing climate variability on our region can no longer be debated. It is critical that as a region we adopt adaptive management practices to plan for climatic uncertainty and make best use of the available science to assist our decision making. The revised NRM Plan will be an integral tool in guiding this process across the region.

QMDC gratefully acknowledges the funding and support of the now Commonwealth Department of Environment (formerly the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities) which has made the extensive revision of this plan possible. We extend our thanks to the Department for its guidance, and acknowledge the strategic approach that it has taken to supporting such projects across all catchments.

This plan highlights the opportunities for improved learning and understanding. Most importantly, however, it focusses upon the areas requiring our critical attention. The vision for the Plan is one of universal adoption across the region; that it will help shape planning and decision making at all levels that impact on Natural Resource Management – from primary schools to universities, local community groups to governments and of land managers and land carers from all sectors of the economy.

QMDC will continue to be lead and guided by this community Plan, as we continue to demonstrate, facilitate and implement the practices that are required to ensure a sustainable future for these valuable catchments.

Jeff Campbell
Chair  (until Septemter 2015)
Queensland Murray-Darling Committee

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