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The regional NRM vision

The Regional NRM Planning for Climate Change in the Border Rivers and Maranoa-Balonne Region Project is responsible for the update of this Regional NRM Plan (the Plan). The Plan will continue to be shaped by the expertise of scientists and technical experts, land managers, Aboriginal communities, and members of conservation, agriculture, research and development organisations and industries and the policies of local, state and federal governments.


This Plan documents the region’s natural resource assets, threats, priorities and challenges. It incorporates climate change adaptation and mitigation actions, land and soils, weeds and pests, water and wetland, biodiversity and vegetation, energy and waste and cultural heritage management actions in a holistic way and will ensure economic and social aspects of natural resource management are considered. It also provides options and actions for community members to consider while making their own natural resource management decisions.


Looking forward – a regional vision

The Regional NRM Plan for the Border Rivers and Maranoa-Balonne catchments (referred to as the NRM Plan area and the Plan) seeks to ensure that social, economic and environmental values are balanced so that the broader community’s long term vision for a sustainable future is achieved. This has been the vision for the Plan since it was first developed by the community in 2004. It has, however, never been more relevant than now – as our work towards sustainability will position the region’s response to the challenges posed by climate change.

The past 50 years have been a time of rapid ecosystem change as humanity’s increasing demands for food, fresh water, fibre and energy continue to expand, along with the planetary population. Achieving sustainability will require a collective effort and negotiation between the interests of our natural resources and the demands of our species (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 2005).


The community working together to build healthy, sustainable, attractive and profitable regions, through the effective management of our natural resources. (QMDC 2004)


The vision that drives the outcomes of the NRM Plan includes:

  • recognition of existing achievements and practices by all involved in natural resource management activities,
  • recognition that many landholders/managers within the NRM Plan area have applied sound practices which have had an environmental, social and economic benefit for communities during the past – this NRM Plan builds on the strengths of those achievements and utilises the strong network of committed stakeholders throughout the NRM Plan area,
  • maintenance and improvement of sustainable economic conditions and benefits to the communities within the NRM Plan area, through sustainable practices,
  • rehabilitation and improvement of the integrity of ecological processes and ecosystems where needed,
  • recognition of the emerging threatening issues that need remediation, mitigation (not just greenhouse gas emissions related) and adaptation, resulting from present and past practices. The community requires sound technical information to develop collaborative solutions to arrest and address these issues,
  • enhancement of regional communities and their social values and capital (including amenity and liveability, harmony and sense of well-being, sense of community, access to recreation and access to social and community services and infrastructure), and
  • conservation of landscape values (including cohesive landscape elements, significant aesthetic and cultural values including Aboriginal and European culture).



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