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NCCARF webinar: cities adapting to climate change

The next of NCCARF’s series of webinars exploring key climate adaptation topics is happening in May.

Cities adapting to climate change
3 May 2pm AEST
Our urban centres are already facing  challenges of growing demands on housing and infrastructure. Preparing cities to be ‘climate ready’ is critical to minimising risk for urban communities and, in the longer term, to improving urban resilience to projected climate change impacts. The challenges are complex and prompt a rethink of the traditional ways that we plan and build our cities and infrastructure. So how do we change the way we plan, manage and maintain or cities into the future?
Dr Sarah Boulter (NCCARF)
Professor Barbara Norman (University of Canberra)
Associate Professor Ron Cox (University of NSW)

Register your attendance at: https://nccarfwebinars.eventbrite.com

Read more here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nccarf-climate-adaptation-webinar-series-tickets-32611157851



There is only one more webinar left in this series.

Natural ecosystems – from land to sea
22 May 1pm AEST
Bleaching coral, massive bat and bird die-offs, and changing sex ratios in turtles are just some of the alarming evidence of how natural ecosystems are already succumbing to the changing climate. The implications for our fauna and flora—as well as the businesses that rely on them (e.g. fishing, farming, forestry and tourism)—are broad ranging and potentially devastating. So what can we do? Do we need to change the way we manage and conserve our natural resources? Do we need to change our business models?
Dr David Rissik (NCCARF)
Professor Stephen Williams (James Cook University)
Additional panelist to be confirmed


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