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Murray-Darling Basin Authority releases 2017 environmental water outlook

Each water year the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) prepares environmental watering priorities for the Murray–Darling Basin. The priorities guide environmental watering across the Basin to achieve Basin-scale outcomes for flows and connectivity, native vegetation, waterbirds, and native fish.

Environmental watering to meet these Basin priorities will also support essential
ecosystem processes needed to achieve these outcomes such as nutrient cycling and food


This year’s outlook, released on April 3, 2017, describes seasonal and ecosystem conditions and provides an early indication of the likely watering priorities from 2017-18.

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority is anticipating wet conditions in early 2017-18, noting that this may change as the year progresses and is trending towards moderate to dry in parts of the northern Basin.

The focus of environmental watering will be to consolidate the benefits of high flows in 2016 and build resilience of ecosystems ahead of the next, inevitable dry period.

You can click here to access the full pdf report for this year’s outlook from the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

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