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Accessing regional stats on business and innovation

The Office of the Chief Economist has two interactive self-service tools to help unlock Industry and Innovation data for Australian regions.

The Industry Map is a companion product to the Australian Industry Report (see Chapter 7 of the 2016 issue). This tool can help you unlock industry changes in your region. This tool contains the department’s first issue of experimental Gross Regional Product data as well as business counts, population estimates, labour force and industry employment data.

The Innovation Map is a satellite product to the Australian Innovation System Report and the Australian Geography of Innovative Entrepreneurship (2015) research paper. This tool identifies the location of innovation activities (R&D expenditure, patent and trademark applicant counts) and business creation (new businesses) across Australia over time.

You can find them here: https://www.industry.gov.au/Office-of-the-Chief-Economist/Publications/AustralianIndustryReport/Industry-Innovation-Map.html

HINT: when you click through to the industry or innovation maps, our regions are Darling Downs & Maranoa, and Toowoomba.

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